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Week 10: The Presentation

This week is our presentation week, however, due to some personal issue, I can't make it back home at 8, therefore, I can't give present my part of our group presentation but I present it here.

Our group topic was: "How technology change the way jobs work" and the job I chose is bartender. In today's world, everything involve with technology and that also include job like bartender which sound like technology can't but they did.

The self-serve beverage dispensing technology has the potential to replace the traditional bartender, gain a footstep in the industry. Employs now can just touch the screen and the beer, wine,... system app can read it and do the job for you, it can also link it to the customers credit card to pay it without pulling it out or prepay it. In addition, most bars use ipads, computers to censor liquor locally, and beverage lists are included in the ipad for selected customers along with the information. Besides that, there is a system call…

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